We are all born with Star consciousness;

we’ve simply forgotten.

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I am a lover of the Cosmos; its infinite immensity, supreme intelligence, unspeakable beauty, and creative process. It is this creative process that undergirds my personal spiritual practice, and spiritual guidance work with others.

Trifid Healing is for you who feel nudged into being infinitely radiant, and expressing your truest self. Spiritual guidance supports you as a stellar nursery would: nurturing you into a full, abundant, and deeply meaningful life by clearing away any dust shadowing your innate brilliance…to reveal the dazzling star that you are.

It is my honor and privilege to guide you in this process, which begins with the certainty that you are perfect just the way you are right now! At the same time this is true, sometimes your experiences are not what you envisioned. You have unrealized dreams. You find yourself repeating patterns, limiting yourself by the past, or struggling to know what is yours to do. Spiritual guidance and support is a process that assists you in resolving these to enhance your life to its fullest imaginable potential…and beyond.

This is personal spiritual evolution: Being awake and infinitely alive.

There is nothing to be healed; only perfect wholeness revealed.